Steps of work in the intestine sorting workshops

1. Open: The intestine sorting begins with the opener. He first opens the intestines and delivers them in bunches of five.

2. Sort: Sorting is very specialized and accurate. At this stage, the intestine is examined for quality, including pores, color, strength, hardness, as well as caliber (intestine diameter).
- Calibers are classified into three qualities with different diameters.

2-1- Caliber A: This caliber contains high quality (grade 1) intestines with diameters ranging from 14-16 mm to 28-30 mm.
2-2- Caliber B: Includes lower quality (grade 2) intestines with diameters ranging from 16-18 mm to 24-26 mm.
2-3- Caliber C: Includes lower quality (grade 3) intestines with diameters ranging from 18-20 mm to 22-24 mm.

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