Steps of Intestine processing

A brief explanation of this job (Zeh tabi in Persian)

This is an old industry used by people for many years, the whole process of intestinal processing is without the use of industrial machinery and only manpower is used, which is why the expertise of the workers is so important.
The intestine is used to make suture yarns, musical instrument strings, and tennis rackets strings. The intestine also has an edible aspect that is also widely used for sausages and other foods.
Steps of Intestine processing:

First step

sheep are slaughtered in authorized veterinary slaughterhouses then the contents of the abdomen of the sheep are removed and the small intestine is separated from the rest and tied up in bunches of five or ten.

Second step

the ready-made bunches are taken to the intestinal workshops and put the intestines in saltwater ponds to be ready for discharge and add some warm water.

Third step

An experienced worker passes the intestines (from the narrow head) through the inside of bamboo to be discharged, this so-called (Cleansing the intestine first step) stage.
Again the intestine, but this time from its thick head, passes through the inside of bamboo to be completely discharged, also this stage called (Cleansing the intestine second step).
Now what remains after going through these steps is the main layer of the intestine. The processed intestines are divided into bunches of five or ten and they are salted and they are transported to the intestine sorting workshops and kept in the refrigerator.

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